Wednesday, December 19, 2018

‘Un-American Sellouts’: Rick Sanchez denounces anti-BDS politicians

The Western media have ignored this new US law which makes it difficult to protest against Israel, or participate in BDS. Just imagine what the MSM would have said if Russia passed a similar law making it difficult for people to criticise the pro-Russian Crimean Government?

The Norwegian politician, Mads Palsvig, is right, everything in the West is in reverse. Slavery is freedom, war is peace, our free press isn't free, our democracies aren't democratic, the good guys are the bad guys, etc.

Tom Bolton says China bribes Africa by offering gifts, like cheap loans and by building its infrastructure helping their economies to grow, while US supports democracy, liberty, and freedom  - with bombs, corruption, toadies, and fixed elections.

I keep thinking that soon people will catch onto the West's massive lies, but most people I know have no interest in any of this, and if I told them it would just go in one ear and out the other.  Some might even say I'm a conspiracy theorist.

RT America’s Rachel Blevins joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the case of a Texas special-ed teacher who was fired for refusing to sign an employment contract containing an anti-BDS (Boycott-Divestment-Sanction) pledge. Then criminal defense attorney Andrew Dalack joins to explain how anti-BDS legislation is “repugnant to American values” and flies in the face of the First Amendment.


Konrad said...

Rick Sanchez is still bitter from having been fired from CNN. A radio show host called Jews a “highly oppressed minority” in America. Sanchez (indirectly) questioned this claim.

In response, CNN fired Sanchez the next day (1 Oct 2010).

Sanchez is a Latino, and Israel’s supporters don't want more Latinos to get ideas. On 29 Nov 3018, CNN fired Marc Lamont Hill for the exact same reason.

Zionists want minorities to focus all their resentment on whites, and ignore Israel. Therefore any minority that has a media presence, and questions Israeli policies, is immediately destroyed as a warning to all minorities who have media followings. Thou shalt not question Israeli atrocities.

Sanchez tried groveling to his masters. He went to Israel in 2011. He apologized profusely on numerous talk shows (e.g. Good Morning America). He spoke at the ADL's National Executive Committee Meeting. He called ADL leader Abe Foxman “his friend.”

Still, all he could get was a job as a radio announcer for Florida International University sports – until the Zionists found out about this and had him fired again. In September 2012 he got a job at Fox News Latino, but the Zionists quickly found out, and ordered him fired yet again.

Finally, after eight years of shame for his sin, Sanchez got his current gig at RT.

Incidentally, conservatives think they are the most harassed people on U.S. college campuses, but in fact the most harassed people are advocates for Palestinians.

Regarding the outlawing of support for BDS, 26 U.S. States have passed laws against BDS, and 13 more states have legislation pending. If you apply for any type of state government assistance or benefits, or you apply for a local government contract or job, you must sign an oath that you will not support or participate in BDS.

All these bills are 100% unconstitutional.

At the federal level, Israel’s supporters are trying to get their Israel Anti-Boycott Act passed in the last days before the current congress ends. (In the Senate it is S.720. In the House it is H.R. 1697.) This bill will fine Americans one million dollars for supporting or participating in BDS against Israel.

If Israel’s supporters cannot get their horrendous bill passed by the end of the current congress, they will have to re-submit it in the new Congress, which commences on 3 Jan 2019. Israel’s supporters fear that the next Congress will not be quite so obedient to Israel’s demands.

Today the House and Senate will submit a special bill to Trump to fund the US government through Feb 2019. Buried inside it is the anti-BDS bill. Trump says he will probably sign it.

Regarding the woman in Texas, The Intercept discusses it in detail here…

Rick Sanchez asks why the media outlets are keeping quiet about this.

The answer, Rick, is that discipline and solidarity are crucial in warfare. Almost all Jews are united in their defense of Israeli atrocities, and they instantly attack anyone who questions Israeli evil. Almost all are in lock-step.

Meanwhile non-Jews are divided and conquered.

It’s the same with rich oligarchs vs the conquered masses.

Konrad said...

One more thing

I feel like the famous TV police homicide detective Columbo, whose trademark quip was, “Oh . . . just one more thing, sir.”

Anti-BDS laws have been passed in 26 states, with 19 more states pending. The four states whose governments most strongly support Israel are California, New York, and Florida, since those states have the highest concentration of Jews.

Texas, meanwhile, has a high concentration of evangelical “Christians” who are even more pro-Israel than Jews are.

Evangelicals oppose liberal trends like gay marriage, “trans-rights,” and so on, and they imagine that their opposition is legitimized by their worship of Israel and its atrocities. That is, they imagine that Jews are opposed to liberalism, when in fact most Jews in American are champions of liberalism.

Ryan Harris said...

I don't think the characterization as Russia/China as heroic and West as devious is really accurate. The US and EU and UK, Russian and Chinese activity isn't benevolent in Indo-Africa region. I'm not sure the US railroad built is somehow nefarious and the Chinese one is heroic. The UK mine shaft is evil and the Russian one a bastian of good tidings. The Israeli missile is blessed while the palastinian one is a menace. Recognizing propaganda isn't so difficult and everyone is doing it. Taking sides is of course natural but at least trying not to believe your own favored propaganda BS seems to be important.