Saturday, December 29, 2018

Links — 29 Dec 2018

Strategic Culture Foundation
Gefälschte Nachrichten ["Fake News"]

Intel Today
Two Years Ago — “US Global Engagement Center” Set Up to Fight Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation

Fort Russ News
West is ‘Shocked’ at Underestimating Russian Capabilities
Paul Antonopoulos
Stephen Gowans


Konrad said...

Gefälschte Nachrichten

“Claas Relotius’ exposure as a serial fabricator was the result of his piece on the small town of Fergus Falls Minnesota, after the 2016 election. The thrust of his story was that rural America voted for Trump because it is full of xenophobic weirdos and economic losers.”

Relotius probably thought the same about the yellow vest protesters in France. Certainly Der Spiegel does. It’s a neoliberal rag.

Relotius’ mistake was to pick on a small town in the age of the internet.

Ironically, the more people are able to fact-check the corporate media outlets, the more careless the outlets become with their lies. This is why social media platforms are imposing more and more censorship. They don't want the peasants to be doing fact-checking.

“The media big shots always come off as if they have been insulted about their shenanigans being revealed. In this case, the other major media outfits are rallying to defend Der Spiegel.”

That’s because they are all liars who protect each other. “One hang; we all hang.”

“To call the media an echo chamber for the left is to understate the problem. The better analogy is a school of fish. Each individual reacts to those around him, giving the effect of the school having agency as a whole. What looks like collusion is just the result of a uniformity of mind, experience and social class.”

I think it’s more coordinated than that. The corporate media outlets are biased in favor of social leftists (e.g. LGBTQ mutants) and against economic leftists (e.g. people who want Medicare-for-All) in order to keep the peasants bickering with each other. This lets the media outlets fulfill their true function, which is to sustain war, neoliberalism, and the ever-widening gap between the rich and the rest.


China's rival to us-designed GPS tech intent to conquer world

The Western Empire is being gradually eclipsed on all fronts. China has its own GPS, called Beidou. Russia’s GPS is called GLONASS. China and Russia are developing their Internets, their own systems of credit cards, and their own system of financial clearing in order to get around SWIFT. China’s motion picture industry will soon eclipse Hollywood.

The USA could have maintained leadership in all these areas if it had cooperated with the world, rather than bullied it.


India believes West is not altruistic about China's Huawei – official

According to Reuters, Huawei is likely to face a complete ban in the US as the Trump administration is considering an order to declare a national emergency as early as in January against using Chinese equipment by US firms.

Chinese companies offer better products at lower prices. Therefore the US government bans Chinese products in order to protect US corporate greed and monopolies. American workers will continue paying $900 for $100 phones. Welcome to the “free market,” bitches!

The next front for China will be pharmaceutical drugs. Better products at lower prices. Big Pharma will get all Chinese pharmaceuticals outlawed.

After all, corporate price gouging is a matter of “national security.”

The US war on China’s economic model

China is out-competing America.

America responds with ever-increasing military threats and trade attacks.

So much for neoliberal lies about “free markets” and “free enterprise,” and “the miracle that is capitalism.”

The USA is powerless because so much of its economy is sucked up by rentiers and creditors. For example, student loans debt sets a new record every year.

As the USA dies for the greed of its 1%, all it can do it wave its guns around, and whine about Chinese “spying.”

Noah Way said...

Corporate media "supports" (uses) various issues (such as the illusion of social / racial equality, Trump derangement, Trump support, etc.) to capture a targeted audience. They need issues people identify with as a basis of building agreement to facilitate sowing propaganda and disinformation. Thus FOX bs MSNBC, etc., both of which sow the same pro-war neoliberal economic bullshit.