Monday, December 31, 2018

Links — 31 December 2018

Russia-mania takes over the world
Tom Black

The Nation
New Studies Show Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics
Aaron Maté

Middle East Eye
Turkish TV broadcasts images of 'Khashoggi body parts' being moved

Intel Today
John Pilger : A Look Back at 2018 & Ahead to 2019

Trump’s ‘Full’ & ‘Rapid’ Troops Withdrawal From Syria Appears To Be ‘Slow’ & ‘Smart’

The United States is First in War, But Trailing in Crucial Aspects of Modern Civilization
Laura Finley | Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Barry University

Progress in Political Economy
Rupturing the Dialectic [Book Review]
Andreas Bieler | Professor of Political Economy at the University of Nottingham and Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice

Conversable Economist
Joan Robinson on Poets, Mathematicians, Economists, and Adam Smith
Timothy Taylor | Managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, based at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota

Lars P. Syll’s Blog
How to re-establish​​ trust in economics as a science
Lars P. Syll | Professor, Malmo University


Konrad said...

Russia-mania takes over the world

As bankers and oligarchs grind the masses more and more into the dirt, the bankers and oligarchs need more and more tricks to keep the masses distracted. Whatever the oligarchs don’t like, “Russia did it.”

Incidentally the writer of this article believes in the Skripal poisoning hoax.

New studies show pundits are wrong about Russian social-media involvement in us politics

Pundits are not “wrong” about Russia-gate, any more than neoliberals are “wrong” about economics, or politicians are “wrong” about federal finances.

They are all liars.

Trump’s ‘full’ & ‘rapid’ troop withdrawal from Syria appears to be ‘slow’ & ‘smart’

Nobody believes that the USA will actually withdraw from Syria. At most, some US troops might be replaced by US mercenaries. Maybe.

The United States is first in war, but trailing in crucial aspects of modern civilization.

“When it comes to military power, the United States reigns supreme.”

No. U.S. combat soldiers are allowed to act and dress like women. Their equipment that is garbage because military contractors are only concerned with collecting federal dollars. Moreover a huge percentage of US manufacturing has been moved overseas.

“Newsweek reported in March 2018: ‘The United States has the strongest military in the world’…”

This is childish bragging. Even US feminists are military braggarts. That's why "toxic masculinity" does not include military boasting. "Toxic masculinity only occurs among average decent males who are just trying to survive.

How to re-establish trust in economics as a science

Economics will remain pure bullshit as long as it serves the rich at the expense of the rest. For example, consider the lies about “free markets.”

“Students all over the world are increasingly questioning if the kind of economics they are taught — mainstream economics — really is of any value. Some have even started to question if economics is a science. Two ‘Nobel laureates’ in economics — Robert Shiller and Paul Krugman — have lately tried to respond.”

Krugman is a neoliberal liar who pretends to be progressive. No “science” there.

AXEC / E.K-H said...

Links on Lars Syll’s ‘How to re-establish trust in economics as a science’

What is wrong with economics? Economists! They are stupid or corrupt or both.

Why should people trust failed scientists?

For more details see cross-references Failed/Fake Scientists

Heterodoxy in general and Lars Syll, in particular, has a non-relationship with science and truth.

Economics, too, is pre-truth

Economics between truth and blather

Cryptoeconomics ― the best of Lars Syll’s spam folder

Two steps towards truth

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

#Economics #FailedScience #FakeScience #CargoCultScience #ScientificIncompetence #Economists #DrainTheScientificSwamp #DeleteEconomics

Noah Way said...

What is wrong with economics? Economists! They are stupid or corrupt or both.

Egmont, look in the mirror.

AXEC / E.K-H said...

Noah Way

How can this be that the philosopher Tom Hickey persistently promotes Lars Syll and other failed/fake scientists? Does no-one at Mike Norman Economics care about scientific standards?

This is NOT the way to “re-establish trust in economics as a science”. Just the contrary! For details see:

The Kelton-Fraud

Richard Murphy: the MMT fraudster dressed up as realist

MMT, Bill Mitchell, and the lack of basic scientific integrity

MMT, Warren Mosler, and the little helpers from Wall Street and Academia

MMT: The one deadly error/fraud of Warren Mosler

MMT: Just another political fraud

MMT is idiocy and fraud

MMT: The fusion of Wall Street and Academia

MMT sucks

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

Noah Way said...

Scientific method:

1. question
2. research
3. hypothesis
4. experiment
5. analyze
6. accept / reject hypothesis

Egmont stopped at 3. He has not followed not completed the scientific method yet he spews the result of his mental masturbation with delusions of grandeur and nary a clue.

AXEC / E.K-H said...

Noah Way

“Research is, in fact, a continuous discussion of the consistency of theories: formal consistency insofar as the discussion relates to the logical cohesion of what is asserted in joint theories; material consistency insofar as the agreement of observations with theories is concerned.” (Klant)

In order to refute a theory, it is sufficient to demonstrate that it is either materially or formally inconsistent.

This has been done with regard to the MMT sectoral balances equation. It holds:
False (I−S)+(G−T)+(X−M)=0 MMT,
true (I−S)+(G−T)+(X−M)−(Qm−Yd)=0 AXEC.

Because the MMT sectoral balances equation is false the whole of MMT is false. So, MMT is dead and buried like the Flat-Earth theory.

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

Noah Way said...

Don't feed the troll.

AXEC / E.K-H said...

Noah Way

This thread’s title ‘How to re-establish trust in economics as a science’ shows that Lars Syll has no idea of what science is all about. Science is NOT about trust but about proof. What has to be proved is material and formal consistency.

This never happened in economics. The main approaches ― Walrasianism, Keynesianism, Marxianism, Austrianism, MMT ― are mutually contradictory, axiomatically false, materially/formally inconsistent, and all got profit ― the pivotal concept of the subject matter ― wrong. With this pluralism of provably false theories, economics is NOT a science.

Economics is a cargo cult science: “They’re doing everything right. The form is perfect. ... But it doesn’t work. ... So I call these things cargo cult science because they follow all the apparent precepts and forms of scientific investigation, but they’re missing something essential.” (Feynman)#1

Economics lacks truth. What has to be established is truth NOT trust.

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

#1 Economics and scientific foolishness