Thursday, January 24, 2019

David William Pear - The US War on Freedom of the Press

When Tulsi Gabbard's bill to stop the U.S. Government from arming head-chopping, jihadist terrorists, like Al Qeuda, ISIS, and Deash, failed to get passed, then the whole World knew who was funding terrorism, or did they? What if this had happened in China, or Russia - imagine what the media would have said, but nothing when the U.S. does it?
The FBI abduction of Marzieh Hashemi is another milestone in the US turn to fascism. Marzieh Hashemi is a well-recognized and highly respected journalist and TV anchorwoman for Press TV, which is affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran. She was abducted on January 15th as she was boarding a flight to Denver from St. Louis.
Marzieh was whisked to an unknown location in the vicinity of Washington, DC. The Washington DC area was probably chosen, as Northern Virginia is the site of what is referred to as the “CIA court”, in which so-called national security cases are heard, because the government can be assured of government-friendly juries. In such cases, juries side with the government 99.9% of the time.
Marzieh is being held incommunicado, as this is being written, and she has not been heard from publicly. Nor does her family and friends know her exact location of imprisonment. It took nearly a week before the US government even acknowledged Marzieh’s arrest.
All the US government finally said was that Marzieh is being held as a “material witness” to an unspecified crime. Though not charged with any crime, Marzieh is being treated worse than a criminal. Her human, civil and religious rights have been violated. Reportedly all she has been able to eat is crackers, because the government is not respecting her religious dietary requirements.
The War on Terror is what has lowered the US in torturing people, conduct non-judicial assassinations of US citizens, engage in domestic spying, extraordinary rendition, indefinite detention, ignore the Geneva Conventions, and illegally start wars of aggression. The US has become the number one state sponsor of terrorism. What the US does abroad sooner or later it does at home to its own citizens.
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Bob Roddis said...

I guess that means that our wonderful Modern Money system is paying for U.S. supported terrorists. It's a good thing the U.S. government is no longer revenue constrained! Otherwise, our betters, I mean our leaders would have to make the case to the American people to give up more money in taxes to help pay to support the terrorists. The people might object to that. With our wonderful Modern Money system, they do not realize where the money actually comes from so the terrorists get supported without the knowledge of the American people. How cool is that?

Konrad said...

The US government targeted Ms. Hashemi for being a “traitor.” She is a Black woman born in the USA and now lives in Iran. She was in the USA to visit her ill brother and other family members.

Press TV says the USA released her on 23 Jan 2019 after ten days.

Poor Roddis. Left alone in the cold outside, and barking at the moon. Someone please get him a blanket.