Tuesday, January 29, 2019

‘State of Empire’ & Perpetual War will Bankrupt Us – Col. Wilkerson

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson talks about the perpetual money making war machine racket in the U.S. which the corporate media backs.

Rick Sanchez explains why we ought to be skeptical about recent reports of US and Taliban achieving “a framework to a plan that would allow principals toward peace.” The same people who orchestrated failed US efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan are now seemingly in control of the White House, Congress and the US Media. We’ll also hear from Rick’s exclusive interview with retired US Army Colonel and former State Dept. official Lawrence Wilkerson, who saw such machinations first-hand and is convinced that US elites accept perpetual war as a condition of US world hegemony and that endless wars of empire has become “our reason to exist.”


Bob Roddis said...

We have a marvelous Modern Money fiat system. We can never run out of dollars. The government is not "revenue constrained"! There's no limit upon the amount of worthless but very expensive war machine equipment that can be produced and then purchased by the government with unlimited amounts of fiat money. Further, because "crowding out" is a myth, spending trillions and trillions and more trillions on the war machine will have no impact whatsoever upon the endless production of goods and services for average people thanks to our Modern Money fiat system.

Stop whining and stop worrying.

Noah Way said...

Would you be complaining if the funny money system was used for social benefits like health care, education, public infrastructure, etc., instead of the war machine?

Bob Roddis said...


Noah Way said...

So it's not ok to wage war but it is ok to perform violence on people by denying them food, health care, education, etc?