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Gordon Dimmack - Journo on Integrity Initiative: We Run Risk of Living in Dystopian Future

The biggest story of our time is being ignored by the corporate media.

Anonymous hacktivist group published a new batch of documents with more details on the UK Integrity Initiative covert operation to influence allies and target Russia, namely with some new information about Integrity Initiative's Institute for Statecraft head, Christopher Donnelly. Sputnik spoke about it with investigative journalist Gordon Dimmack.

Sputnik: The documents released by the Anonymous hacktivist group say that Institute for Statecraft head Christopher Donnelly was engaged in the selection of a group of military intelligence specialists. It was reported that the main goal of the organised group was to influence Western politicians and push them into conflicts with Russia and China. Judging by such actions, the Integrity Initiative is expanding its activities abroad. Could such actions be considered a form of hybrid warfare?
Gordon Dimmack: Hybrid warfare is exactly what it is. Even a cursory reading of the Wikipedia page on Hybrid Warfare shows this description of events to be accurate:
"Hybrid warfare is a military strategy that employs political warfare and blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare and cyber warfare with other influencing methods, such as fake news, diplomacy, lawfare and foreign electoral intervention."
You can see evidence of the above strategy being employed right now by the Integrity Initiative. The political warfare is glaringly obvious with their rhetoric against anything even slightly "Russian" in particular, and with the constant smearing of journalists who work for Russian media outlets. Cyberwarfare is evident in their whole operation, especially with their constant warnings of "fake news", which seems to be entirely designed to constrict traffic to independent journalists on the internet and social media who are telling inconvenient truths about the West's foreign policy failings, whilst boosting views for MSM outlets on platforms like YouTube.
Diplomacy can be seen as being weaponized with the multiple rounds of sanctions against Russia in the last 2 years, which in most cases were in response to accusations devoid of any actual evidence at all. Lawfare is being used in attempting to silence RT and your own media agency, with the Integrity Initiative known to be the originators of complaints of "bias" against Russian media outlets. And as for foreign electoral intervention, look no further than their actions in Spain, where the Spanish II "cluster" was responsible for stopping socialist politician Pedro BaƱos from becoming Spain's Director of National Security.
In conclusion, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's probably a duck. And the Integrity Initiative sure does look and sound like a Duck of Hybrid Warfare in action.
Sputnik: This is the fifth set of documents released on the Integrity Initiative. The UK Foreign Office has already recognised some of the documents as credible. Why are the Integrity Initiative's activities being neglected by the mainstream media? Why isn't a deeper investigation being conducted?
Gordon Dimmack: When you consider how many mainstream journalists and media outlets have been shown to be aiding and abetting the Integrity Initiative, the implications of their silence on this story speak volumes. This is one of the biggest stories on the planet right now, if not the biggest. It is right up there with the Pentagon Papers, and in many people's view who have in-depth knowledge of the story, it's bigger than Watergate. So, the media's silence on this scandal can only point to their complicity in it. It's also worth noting, there's also a handful of Labour politicians talking loudly about this (Chris Williamson the loudest), both in the House and with reporters, but they can never seem to get an interview about it on UK MSM or them to cover his questioning — which does indicate the MSM are up to their necks in a Mockingbird-like operation on a larger scale than we currently understand.
Our 4th estate, it seems, is dead. An operating, functional and independent media is vital to Democracy. Without it, we run the risk of living in a dystopian future, where truth is lies and war is peace. I fear that if we don't put a stop to operations like II, that dystopian future is not far off.
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