Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Oil Sanctions on Venezuela: “Would Destroy What’s Left of its Economy” Sharmini Peries interviews Mark Weisbrot

Video and transcript
MARK WEISBROT: Well, it’s all illegal, of course. I mean, the sanctions that Trump imposed in August of 2017, or you can go back further to the Obama sanctions in March of 2015, the sanctions have always been illegal under the OAS Charter, under the UN Charter, under the treaties that the U.S. has, various international conventions that the U.S. is a party to. And also under U.S. law, because the president has to state in order to impose these sanctions in the executive orders going back to 2015, both Obama and Trump, have had to say that, under our law, that Venezuela poses an unusual and extraordinary threat. To the national security of the United States, which everyone knows is false. And so on that basis it’s really not even legal under U.S. law, because the president is stating something false in order to comply with the law....
Liberalism or fascism?


Kaivey said...

I feel so helpless. A massive injustice is being done and there is nothing we can do about it. All the Western countries know the U.S. is lying, and all the media knows, but the public doesn't.

Hypocrisy! All those U.S politicians are going on TV and bold faced lying. They want more money! They murder millions for money! They meddle in everyone's elections, but make up lies about people meddling in their elections, and then tell everyone how bad that is. They pretend that America has a democracy.

Not many people know how the world really works, and if I told them they would think I was mad, or a conspiracy theorist.

Konrad said...

Always remember that what causes Venezuela’s economic problem is not sanctions and embargoes, but “socialism” (which hardly exists at all in Venezuela).

The issue here is not only oil, but geopolitics. The USA wants to finish bagging all of Latin America as part of the U.S. competition with Russia and China.

There are 33 nations in Latin America. Neoliberals have bagged 29 of them, with Nicaragua about to fall. That leaves Cuba, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Cuba is an island nation too small to worry about. Bolivia is too poor to worry about. That leaves Venezuela.

The corporate news outlets are continuing their fairy tales. Maduro is taking hostages. Women in the streets are selling their hair and their bodies for crumbs of food. Death camps are being constructed. The entire nation is marching against the “dictator” Maduro. Venezuelan “pirates” are terrifying the Caribbean. And so on.

Comedian Bill Murray explains the situation. (30-second video)

Bob Roddis said...

1. Venezuela follows the National Socialist form of socialism. Title to the property is still in your name except it's a crime to use it in a manner forbidden by the government, like using it to make a profit. And everyone is forbidden from employing their own property how they see fit or to create their own enforceable profitable contracts with others by decree of the evil interventionist government.

2. Trump is just employing another one of the simply mah-velous features of the U.S. Modern Money system. Quit your whining.

Bob Roddis said...

Boy, it's such a relief to know that Venezuela going {National} Socialist and being beloved by all the "Progressives" doesn't lead to price inflation. That would be really hard on all the poor people who live there. But wait.....

Venezuela’s inflation rate may hit 1,000,000 percent. Yes, 1 million.

I'll bet Venezuela is glad it has its own sovereign fiat money system and not that old fuddy duddy gold standard.

Konrad said...

“Venezuela’s inflation rate may hit 1,000,000 percent. Yes, 1 million.”

That claim is from the Washington Post, which is directly tied in with the CIA.

So a loaf of bread that cost 1 bolivar today costs a million bolivares tomorrow? And you actually believe that?

Seek help. You don't have to suffer alone.

Noah Way said...

Roddis, if you hate socialism don't drive on public roads, don't call the fire department or police for help, don't go to public parks, don't send your kids to public school (doG forbid you should reproduce!), and by all means stay the fuck out of the publicly funded courthouse where you ply your trade, err... run your scams.

Your ignorance is boundless, and no matter how many times you are shown how decades of US economic warfare has undermined Venezuela you persist in spouting ideological nonsense.

You claim to be anti-war but have no problem with overt violence in any other form and fail to even debate the fact that this is a fundamental contradiction of both your personal and political beliefs.

Native cultures around the globe historically punished, exiled, or killed members that were a threat to the tribe, As you have proven yourself to be a sociopath, profoundly stupid, and utterly incapable of logical reasoning, you should be euthanized for the sake of humanity.

Bob Roddis said...

Noah Way: Your debating skills are like a pianist who can play only with his fists and forearms. And only on the black keys.

BTW, Ron Paul and 99% of other libertarians condemn U.S. interference in Venezuela.

I still do not understand what is so bad about a prohibition upon the initiation of violence. Your hysterics certainly put you on the side of promoting unprovoked violence on a massive and unlimited scale.

Noah Way said...

Ron Paul would eliminate social security and medicare. This would be an act of economic violence against citizens, denying them health care and in many cases critical financial assistance in the old age.

Keep avoiding the issue you can't address, it really makes you look smart.

Noah Way: Would you be complaining if the funny money system was used for social benefits like health care, education, public infrastructure, etc., instead of the war machine?

Roddis: Yes.

Noah Way: So it's not ok to wage war but it is ok to perform violence on people by denying them food, health care, education, etc?

Roddis: [no answer]

If you don't immediately disconnect yourself from every social service provided by this country you are a hypocrite and a poser. Don't drive on public roads, walk on public sidewalks, use municipal garbage pickup, etc.

Jonf said...

Venezuela suffers from fools. I vote the current fool , Maduro, off to Cuba along with his Cuban friends who are also guilty of screwing up the country. And Trump and friends should stay the hell out of it.

Noah Way said...

The silence from Roddis is deafening, but welcome.