Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Saker — The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool

Think of what currently passes as a “policy” of the US in Venezuela as a diagnostic tool. 
Not just to diagnose the moral degeneracy and mental pathology of the leaders of the AngloZionist Empire, but also to diagnose the very real state of despair and chaos of the Empire itself. Under Obama, for all his faults and weaknesses, the US succeeded in subverting a list of crucial Latin American countries (like Brazil or Argentina) but now, with Mr MAGA, it can’t even do that. The kind of antics we see from the Pompeo, Bolton & Abrams gang is amazing in its crudeness and, frankly, makes a supposed “indispensable nation” look absolutely ridiculous. These losers already had to fold several times, in spite of equally hyperbolic threats delivered with maximal gravitas (think DPRK here), and yet they still think that crude bullying methods can yield success. They can’t. Immense firepower is not a substitute for brains.
In its short and blood-soaked history, the US has pretty much always acted like some criminal enterprise run by brutal gangsters, but in the past some of these gangsters could be extremely well educated and intelligent (think James Baker here). Today, their guns are still lying around (albeit in various states of disrepair), but they are wielded by ignorant retards. Yes, ignorant retards with guns can be very dangerous, but they can never be effective!
Right now the US, backed by its various colonies and vassal states, appears to be ready to deliver a death blow to Venezuela and, truth be told, they might be able to do just that. But, for whatever it is worth, my gut feeling is that they will fail again, even against the weakest countries of the Axis of Resistance. That is not to say that Venezuela is not in a heap of critical problems. But I believe that in spite of being in a critical condition, Venezuela will be able to bounce back, just like Syria did. After all, the Syrian example proves that it *is* possible to resist a superior invading force while at the same time successfully engaging in critically needed reforms. Yes, today’s Caracas is in very bad shape, but the city of Aleppo was in a much worse shape until it was liberated, and now quasi-normal life has returned to it (in sharp contrast to the US liberated devastated city of Raqqa which still lies in ruins). Yankees (to use the usual Latin-American expression) are just like their Israeli overlords: they are capable of devastating violence but they have no staying power: if things don’t go their way fast, really fast, they run and barricade themselves somewhere faraway from danger. In our case, they might even do what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan: build obscenely huge embassies, create a special zone around them, and sit tight while the country is engulfed in a bloody civil war. This way, they can provide CNN & Co. with footage of a “peaceful neighborhood” while still claiming that the Stars and Strips are still proudly flying high over the enemy’s capital and that “these colors don’t run”. This would be a disastrous outcome for the Venezuelan nation and this is why we all have to try to prevent this, by speaking out before the US further wrecks yet another country.
Hopefully the memory of past completely failed, humiliating and bloody invasions will convince the right people at the Pentagon to do whatever it takes to prevent the US from launching yet another stupid and immoral war of choice on behalf of the Neocons.
The Unz Review
The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool
The Saker

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Kaivey said...

MAD is back, except Washington is even more stark raving mad.

Konrad said...

31 Jan 2019 - Today the European Parliament voted to recognize Juan Guaido as the ruler of Venezuela, and urged all 28 EU leaders to obey the Parliament's dictate.

90% of Venezuelans and 99% of Europeans had never heard of Guaido until the USA plucked him from anonymity last week. Guaido is so unknown that no one has ever done an approval rating of him – and yet the entire Western world is suddenly rallying around him.

Behold globalism, where everyone in power automatically agrees on a random thing that no one else has heard about.

The European Parliament also pledged “full support” for Venezuela’s oligarch-controlled parliament, the National Assembly, urging the EU states to “accredit” murderous envoys such as convicted felon Elliot Abrams.

The vote was 439 yes, 104 no, and 88 MEPs abstaining. (I am trying to find out how Nigel Farage voted, but the European Parliament has not yet posted that information.)

Guaido thanked the European Parliament for its vote, and Tweeted that its designation of Guaido as absolute dictator was a “big step for democracy.”

Russia, China, Iran and Turkey continue to recognize Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela’s democratically-elected president.

Konrad said...

Trump assumes that Gauido is already Venezuela’s president. Yesterday Trump tweeted...

Spoke today with Venezuelan President Juan Guaido to congratulate him on his historic assumption of the presidency and reinforced strong United States support for Venezuela’s fight to regain its democracy.

Konrad said...

Corrected Trump Tweet citation...