Thursday, January 24, 2019

‘Fake News’ Detector Actually Silences Alternative Media

It's been shown that many people will avoid sites if they have a red or yellow sign under them. The system, known as News-Guard, is supposed to warn people against fake news, but Wilkileaks, which has never released any news that wasn't true, will get the red sign, which shows is that the the News-Guard warning system is actually putting out fake news itself.

The news-ranking system NewsGuard claims to protect the American public from fake news. In reality, it has targeted multiple alternative media outlets such as RT and MintPress. RT America’s Dan Cohen has more. #RTAmerica #InQuestionRT #QuestionMore


Noah Way said...

Like PropOrNot, this is a public service that identifies news sources that are counter to state propaganda.

Mindless sheep may be deterred, but they have already been immunized against intelligence.

Konrad said...

NewsGuard is a browser extension, which means that for regular PCs it must be downloaded from the NewsGuard web site, yes? I wonder if anyone is actually downloading it.

NewsGuard is included by default in the mobile version of Microsoft Edge, but at the moment, users must enable it. NewsGuard says this will change in the near future. Users of Microsoft Edge in Android and iOS devices will get NewsGuard crap whether they want it or not.

Anyway, NewsGuard seems like a simple money-making scam. With everyone accusing everyone else of "fake news," why not profit from it?

For example, NewsGuard apparently made a deal with the UK Guardian to label competitors such as the UK Daily Mail “fake news.” (Both outlets are in fact excrement.)

I don’t know how the UK Guardian compensates NewsGuard for this, but it’s like a food critic getting paid by restaurants to praise them in his columns.

This is not really a liberal vs. conservative issue. NewsGuard says Breitbart is “fake news,” but Fox isn’t. The pro-Republican InfoWars is “fake news," as is the pro-Democrat Daily Kos blog.

(RT and Sputnik are of course "fake news. The NewsGuard scammers don't want to anger the US government.)

NewsGuard’s designation of “trustworthy news” seems to depend on who is willing to pay NewsGuard.

Kaivey said...

The Mail sometimes puts out real news, like the article they had about French police brandishing rifles during the yellow vests riots. But other papers, like the Guardian, didn't cover it. Some radical paper, the Guardian is.

Konrad said...

The fall of The Guardian roughly coincided with the fall of the USSR in 1991. Before that, The Guardian was an edgy and truthful publication. Its exposure of government corruption was legendary. After that, The Guardian became 100% pro-war and pro-establishment, and has been so ever since.

The Guardian has been disgraced so many times that people now read it to look for the latest nonsense they can expose as lies. It's like waiting for the latest pustule to break out on a rotting corpse, so people can have fun poking it.