Saturday, January 26, 2019

Jill Stein - Venezuela Tweet

US has backed right-wing coups up and down Latin America for 100+ years. Not one was about democracy. All have been to enrich the global elite. But we’re supposed to believe this time in Venezuela - which has the world’s largest oil reserves - is different?

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Konrad said...

Jill Stein further Tweeted:

What does Trump want with Venezuela? He said it clearly in 2011 when asked how he'd deal with Libya & Iraq: the US should topple their governments & take their oil. Asked how that would affect those countries, Trump said: "Who cares?"

“The Democrats are backing Trump on regime change in Venezuela, just like they backed disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine & Yemen. When it comes to regime change, the two parties of War & Wall Street are still marching in lockstep.

Leftists constantly whine about about “white privilege” and “toxic masculinity,” but they cheer when the U.S. steals and slaughters abroad. Leftists want unlimited foreigners coming into the US and UK, but they cheer when the US bombs foreigners outside the US and UK. "Rape culture"? We are seeing it in action, and leftists praise it.

Meanwhile right-wingers talk about "restoring democracy" in foreign lands, while they overthrow democratically elected leaders. For right wingers, "democracy" means neoliberalism -- i.e. oligarch tyranny.