Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Paul Bedard — Poll: Trump voters will mutiny if the wall isn't built, faces 43 percent drop in support

Think there will be another shutdown? Who blinks? Hint: Pelosi is holding the cards.

Washington Examiner
Poll: Trump voters will mutiny if the wall isn't built, faces 43 percent drop in support
Paul Bedard

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The wall may not make that much difference anyway.
Fifty-six per cent of respondents in the Washington Post/ABC News survey said they would “definitely not vote for” Mr Trump if he secures the Republican nomination – double the number (28 per cent) who say they definitely would vote for him.
Among women, almost a third (64 per cent) said they will not countenance support for Mr Trump, compared to just under half (48 per cent) of men.
The Independent (UK)
Most Americans will 'definitely not' vote for Trump in 2020, new poll indicates
Tom Embury-Dennis
Justin Wise

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Konrad said...

I am neutral regarding Trump’s wall. I focus on the military and economic wars that create migrants and refugees in the first place.

That said, I was confident that Trump would be re-elected, because so many Americans are tired of liberal militancy, and of corporate Democrat lies. This changed when Trump folded regarding his wall. (Evidently Trump was forced to surrender because so many air traffic controllers were calling in sick that they jeopardized airline safety.) Now Trump’s re-election is a toss-up. Liberals and the corporate media outlets will remain as militant as ever, while Trump’s base no longer cares. They are not mutinying. They are simply apathetic. They consider Trump to be a liar and a wimp who is out of his depth.

The DNC has evidently chosen a female Obama (Kamala Harris) as their candidate, because Harris is ultra-neoliberal, 100% pro-Wall Street, and fanatically pro-Israel. Harris favors Universal Medicare, but so did Obama until he was installed in the White House, at which point Obama flipped. Harris will do the same.

Obama was in his first term as Senator when the money powers chose him for their puppet president. Kamala Harris is likewise in her first term as US Senator, and has already been out to the Hamptons for vetting by the money powers. She is extremely ambitious. She has no kids, and did not marry until age 50, at which point she strategically chose a Jewish husband.

The blog post mentions several “polls” from anti-Trump publications like the Washington Post.

All nonsense. All lies.