Saturday, January 26, 2019

LInks — 25 Jan 2019


Sputnik International
Journo [Gordon Dimmack] on Integrity Initiative: We Run Risk of Living in Dystopian Future

Zero Hedge
Watch Live: Yellow Vests Rage For 11th Straight Week; Organizers Plan Night Rallies, Human Chain Of 50,000
Tyler Durden

Tal Axelrod

The Economic Times [India]
India refuses to join efforts to recognise self-declared president of Venezuela [This is big. Russia, China, India and Iran, i.e., Global East and South, oppose. Can the US defeat these four when it cannot beat the Taliban? Let's be serious.]
Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury

Crooks and Liars
John Bolton Says Ultimate Goal In Venezuela Is To Take Their Oil [At least he is honest about it. This has zero to do with democracy, as longstanding US policy amply demonstrates.]

Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation
Foreign Ministry statement on the developments in Venezuela [short and to the point, sharply]

US orchestrates demands to call elections in Venezuela within 8 days - foreign ministry [Ultimatum]

The Unz Review
America’s Shameful War [Afghanistan. Again, not about what the US claimed. Now, the US is "trapped" by sunk cost.]
Eric Margolis

Alain de Benoist: Jair Bolsonaro's [ultra-neoliberal] program is appalling!

“The Bleeding Wound”— Afghanistan and the Implosion of America  [Sunk cost. The US has already lost, it just can't admit it publicly — yet.]
Tom Engelhardt

Foreign troops to quit Afghanistan in 18 months under draft deal: Taliban sources
Abdul Qadir Sediqi, Jibran Ahmad, Rupam Jain

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RE Korea: A Brief History Explains Everything

I am familiar with Stone's work (very hard to get a copy of), the other sources are new to me. Excellent links, thanks for posting.