Friday, January 25, 2019

The Duran - Fake news media FREAK OUT over Trump and NATO

It's worth watching for the Tucker Carlson interview of the raging Neocon, David Tafuri, which starts at 6:00, although the whole thing is good.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the media meltdown over remarks that U.S. President Trump may have made with regard to NATO, and how neo-liberal war hawks championing the alliance as some sort of foreign policy projection of peace and democracy, are really just supporting aggression, war, and the eventual weakening of the United States.


Konrad said...

The purpose of NATO is to keep member nations militarily and to a large extent economically dependent on the USA.

If NATO didn’t exist, then those same nations would be much more independent of the USA. America would lose power.

Tucker Carlson asks, “Would you be okay with using nuclear weapons to protect Latvia and Estonia from Russia?”

Article Five of NATO treaties obligates the USA to aid any NATO member than is attacked, but the USA routinely violates its treaties and agreements. For the USA (and Israel) the purpose of treaties and agreements is to lull people to sleep so they can be exploited or attacked or controlled.

Indeed the USA has a history of probing Russia strength by goading this or that country (e.g. Georgia) to attack Russia, while promising to help, only to break the US promise when the time comes.

Therefore we cannot know if the USA would actually aid a NATO member until the moment arrives.

Tucker Carlson thinks the NATO scam is a “leftist” issue. Not true. The American left and right are united when it comes to war and imperialism.

In is true that social leftists are war mongers. CNN is attacking Tulsi Gabbard for being anti-war. The corporate media outlets continually attack Trump, but they suddenly praise Trump when he launches missiles at Syria, or threatens to attack Venezuela or Iran. For the left, Trump’s border wall is immoral, but genocidal wars are laudable. For the left, a border wall is a “humanitarian crisis,” but the destruction of a whole nation (e.g. Libya) is a “humanitarian intervention.”

However right-wingers are every bit as bad.

Joe said...

Tucker is an interesting fellow. As far as I can tell, he's by far the smartest person on Fox News (it's a low bar, but Tucker does seem to be a sharp guy), although the bow-tie phase he went thru makes me cautious.. I'm not quite sure what he's up to, he's dared to criticize capitalism and US militarism. Apparently he knows exactly where the line is that he can't cross.