Wednesday, January 30, 2019

TRNN - Many Countries at UN Oppose Trump Interference in Venezuela

Chilling stuff!

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says he came out of a bipartisan meeting the other day and both the Democrats and the Republicans were in agreement about never ending war. This is the debt that the Empire wishes to leave upon the World, he says.

The Brazilian election was considered fair, even though the chief opposition leader was languishing in prison and couldn't run, but Venezuela's election was considered not fair by the U.S., even though intentional observers, and Jimmy Carter, said it was. Half the countries at the U.N. agree with the U.S., but Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says they have to agree or they could get their economies damaged - and this is how empires rule the world, he adds.

So, there you have it: pure evil - which is totally unnecessary as the Western elite have the capital to invest in new technology and stay ahead in the game. But sadly, they don't care for markets, even though they drill the merits of the 'free market ' into us everyday.

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