Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gordon Dimmack - Rachel Maddow's dangerous Russophobia reaches new low

Gordon Dimmack says that Rachel Maddow is more dangerous than Alex Jones.

She's crazy! She must have millions stashed away, so why would she want to risk blowing the whole planet up? What goes through her mind?

Bernie Sanders, Chris Hedges, and Ed Miliband say they are not liberals, although they hold some liberal values. I used to wonder what they meant by that, but I think I now know what they mean. People like Abby Martin and Jimmy Dore have a very strong sense of right and wrong, but liberals like Rachel Maddie and Hilary Clinton are devoid of that.


Konrad said...

Dreamy instrumental with nice piano work.

"Stardate 342.1"

Music to stargaze by.

From the album Return of the Comet (1985) by James Lange

Noah Way said...

Don't confuse what a talking head spouts with what they believe. She's just serving up a dish that pays very well, no different from any other media personality. Find a shtick that pays and go for the gold.

Aside from the fact that corporate media dictates the boundaries of content. Even Comedy Central has limits.

Konrad said...

"Even Comedy Central has limits."

Comedy Central is fanatically pro-liberal, 100% politically correct, and fully on board with the Russia-gate hoax.

Like most other outlets, Comedy Central made fools of themselves when the Buzzfeed lie came out, and when the MAGA-hat kids fiasco arose. I haven't watched Comedy Central since 2004.


I see that the US Senate today voted 68-23 to rebuke Trump’s withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan, saying that the USA's own terrorist mercenaries (ISIS™) still pose a serious threat to the United States.

GLH said...

"I haven't watched Comedy Central since 2004." I haven't watched comedy central since John Stewart told Kevin Hart that the Jews and the blacks should band together and get whitey. That was at a Kevin Hart roast.