Friday, January 25, 2019

MMT at Davos

What the Davos crowd is talking about.

Among some in Davos, debate over Ocasio-Cortez's proposed 70 percent tax on rich is over
Hamza Shaban, The Washington Post

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How elite financiers feel about Ocasio-Cortez's proposed wealthy tax
Jaron Steinbuch


Noah Way said...

Billionaires don't want to pay taxes? Shocking.

Calgacus said...

Here's a good one I saw RWER:

Dr Who fans may remember those lovable Daleks. They were created by the mad scientist Davros.

The Wikipedia article on Davros says "not to be confused with Davos". Wikipedia is wrong.

What do you think those billionaires are saying every year at their get-together?

All their speeches are just arm waving while screaming - Exterminate! Exterminate!