Thursday, January 31, 2019

Harry J. Kazianis — What if Trump’s Trade War With China Goes Too Well?

“America’s strategy when it comes to China is easy to understand: crush them. Drive them into the ground. Make sure that they can’t undo American power and influence not just in Asia but around the world. That’s Trump’s goal, and he is doing one hell of a job. I couldn’t be happier.”
That’s the response I received over drinks when I asked a former senior Trump administration official—speaking on background—what Washington’s strategy was when it comes to the People’s Republic of China.…
The Chinese leadership and PLA are under no illusions about this. The same plan goes for Russia and the Russian leadership and Stavka.

"Crush" ultimately means breaking these large countries into smaller states that can be managed as vassals. What could go wrong? (Lots.)

The American Conservative
What if Trump’s Trade War With China Goes Too Well?
Harry J. Kazianis | executive editor of The National Interest and director of the Center for the National Interest’s new Korea program

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Andrew Anderson said...

Imagine that Beijing’s economy really starts to slow courtesy of Trump’s trade war, and thanks to mounting debt, it is unable to push through a massive stimulus package to keep growth steady as it has in the past. [bold added]

What debt? China is a monetary sovereign.