Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Steve Hughes - While it's Still Legal

This fits in reality well with the politics we discuss here. A terrific sketch - hilarious! Very pro Palestine.

In the U.K. The Big Issue is a newspaper homeless people sell to earn some money, and 'I can't Believe It's Not Butter' is a margarine.


Konrad said...

Israel is demanding that seven Arab countries including Iran (which is not Arab) pay Israel $250 billion as compensation for what Israel claims was the forceful exodus of Jews from Arab countries during the late 1940s.

During the late 1940s, Zionist terrorists were forcefully expelling a million Palestinian Arabs and systematically destroying their homes, villages and towns throughout Palestine.

Jews continue to collect endless "reparations" from Europe for the mythical "holocaust,"™ so why not widen the extortion net?

Today there are 150,000 Jews in Iran. They resist all Israeli attempts to get them to move, since they are part of Iran’s upper class. Being rich, they have special government protection. In Israel they would be second class citizens.

Fun fact: Everyone knows that Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles in California have been a Jewish stronghold since the end of World War II. What many don’t know is that most of those Jews today are rich Iranian Jews who began invading in the late 1970s, and steadily pushed out the Ashkenazi Jews. Bravo cable TV channel carries a “reality TV” show about these Iranian Jews titled “The Shas of Sunset,” which debuted in March 2012 and is still going.

Ashkenazi Jews, being arch racists, hate and envy Iranian Jews. Hence the Iranian Jews claim to be Greeks or Italians or “Persians.”

Half of all doctors in Western L.A. are Iranian Jews.

Konrad said...

I watched the Steve Hughes video. Wow. He is really tempting European and Australian Jews to “Dieudonn√©” him.

(The French government, obeying Jewish orders, outlawed Dieudonn√© M'bala M'bala’s comedy shows.)

Regarding Jews and Nazis, if you want to see something funny, watch the late comedian George Carlin make a joke about World War II. Three-minute video. This is hilarious, especially Carlin’s last line. He was a master.

Start at the one minute mark.

Kaivey said...

New band. They haven't got a record contract. Cadence Kid: Hold On Me.

Konrad said...

I love it. That’s another keeper. Many shots of Los Angeles where I was born and raised. Pretty girls too. Great video. I’ll play it a few more times today. Many thanks.

I amazed that pretty songs occasionally still sprout in this ugly world.


This morning I listened to the eighties group “Erasure.” They were from London.

Blue Savanah

A little respect

Konrad said...

Just played it again. Fabulous song and video. No attempt to disturb or agitate. Just a nice song. There's something vaguely "sixties-ish" about it.

Kaivey said...

They base their sound a little on 80's British indie (jangly guitar) and 80's synth pop. So they have a slightly old fashioned sound. The lyrics is just a love song, so nothing adventurous, but there's nothing wrong with that.

It's a shame that the rest if their songs aren't as good, but I'm keeping an eye out for them. It took Steven Merritt (Magnetic Fields) and Robyn Hitchcock a few years before they blossomed.

Kaivey said...

Erasure were good, superb singing.

Do you remember the 80's band, Modern English, who had one hit single called, Melt With You. They are still around today and my brother saw them last year in a pub in Wimbledon. But they look a lot different now, though.

Konrad said...

Do I remember Modern English? How could I not? That song was influential.

Here in the USA, music historians sometimes mention the “British rock wave” of the 1960s, but there was another such wave in the 1980s. It was very popular in the USA.

Modern English “I melt with you” (1982) The Cure “Just like heaven” (1987) Echo & the Bunnymen (1987) “Lips like sugar” -- the list was long.

Even today some radio stations in the USA play nothing but “eighties music.” Or a station will dedicate one day a week to “totally eighties Friday.” Or it will have a “totally eighties lunch hour.”

In American “big box stores” or “super stores” (equivalent to Tesco, Asda, Argos, B&Q, Makro, etc) famous eighties songs are included in the “muzak” played over the stores’ PA systems. The other day I heard “I melt with you” from the ceiling speakers of a grocery store.

That was real music. Of course, we’re looking back at it from today’s insanity.

Remember the B-52s from Athens, Georgia, USA? They did cute novelty songs like Love Shack (1989).

Roam (1989) was also cute. No attempt to impress or offend. Just fun songs.

Konrad said...

Remember Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark?
(From Merseyside.)

Kaivey said...

I loved OMD - So In Love, and Telegram being some faves.

Another one hit wonder was, Orange Juice, Rip it Up. And what about Tom Tom Club, they had some good songs?

Konrad said...

Rip it Up (1982) by Orange Juice reach #8 in the UK but didn’t chart in the USA. Tom Tom Club did okay with their first album, but that was about it.

In the mid-1980s I was feeling lonely (no girlfriend etc.). The song “Strength” (1985) by the Welsh band The Alarm meant a lot to me.

Kaivey said...

Love Shack was excellent!

Kaivey said...

So you like a bit of rock, then? Strength - Alarm.

Kaivey said...

I got into the second Tom Tom Club album in the end, loved it, although in first listen I was disappointed.

Kaivey said...

Broadcast were an underground experimental band that were not always easy to listen to, although I liked them. This tack, though, was the closest thing they ever did to a pop record.

Come On Let's Go

Konrad said...

That’s unusual. I like it, but I probably wouldn’t listen to it over and over like I would Hold on Me by Cadence Kid

So you like a bit of rock then?”

We all like a bit of rock now and then, when we are in the right mood. (I am never in the right mood for rap.)

Have you ever heard a movie score you particularly liked? Can you think of an example?

Kaivey said...

I can think of an filmscores, although there were some I really liked, of course.

You might like this, Konrad. Scottish band.

Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country

Konrad said...

Very nice. I had never heard it before. There seems to be a lot of music I’ve never heard before. I have never heard any of the songs you recommended, and I like them all.

This morning I thought of the song My Hometown (1985) by Bruce Springsteen as I read an article about how rural cities in the USA have become mostly ghost towns.

There are many reasons for this. Manufacturing moved overseas. Agriculture now controlled by a handful of mega-companies.

Currently the top reason is that in rural areas, people cannot make enough money to live while paying on their student loan debts. Therefore people converge on cities. This causes a housing shortage, which drives up housing prices, which increases homelessness.

This occurs in the UK too, where people live in rural areas and take trains into the cities to work every day. However this is not always practical in the USA, which is much larger, and doesn't always have trains into large cities. (New York does.) Many people live on the outskirts of Los Angeles and drive into the city each day, a daily commute of almost three hours each way.

A large part of our problem is that we worship creditor-thieves. We worship those who create loan money out of thin air, and use it to enslave the planet.

We also worship pain and suffering. When I mention something like free college and health care, most Americans sneer. They smugly dismiss me. This is how we descend into a “Mad Max” dystopia. Sneer by sneer.

Anyway, back in America’s rural ghost towns, it is as Bruce Springsteen describes it…

Now Main Street’s whitewashed windows
And vacant stores
Seems like there ain’t nobody
Wants to come down here no more
They’re closing down the textile mill
Across the railroad tracks
Foreman says these jobs are going, boys
And they ain’t coming back…

Very sad song, especially the last 30 seconds. It was popular in Ireland because they identified with it.

Kaivey said...

Bruce Springsteen surprised everyone when he said he was a Democrat supporter. A great guy!