Saturday, January 26, 2019

Whitney Webb — Washington Follows Ukraine, Syria Roadmap in Push for Venezuela Regime Change

For that reason, if the Trump administration’s attempt to simply install a Venezuelan president fails to produce the intended result (regime change), there is substantial concern that the U.S. will turn to other means to bring about a change in government, including the instigation of a new proxy war.
While direct military intervention by the U.S. has not been ruled out, it has long been seen as more probable — based on the U.S.’ troubling history of ousting leftist Latin American governments through right-wing coups — that the U.S. would follow the roadmaps it used to push for regime change in both Syria and Ukraine. In other words, the danger of another major proxy war — this time in Latin America — looms large and, much like what has transpired in Syria and Ukraine, the manufacture of such a conflict would again pit the U.S. against both Russia and China, both of which have invested heavily in Venezuela, and by extension in the current government, for nearly two decades.

Also troubling is the fact that the U.S. has already laid much of the groundwork for such a proxy war and the chaotic situation on the Venezuelan-Colombian border offers U.S. intelligence enough cover to funnel arms, money and personnel into Venezuela to further destabilize the country. If Maduro is to be believed, the U.S. has already been doing this for much of the past year....
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Washington Follows Ukraine, Syria Roadmap in Push for Venezuela Regime Change
Whitney Webb

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Konrad said...

“It will only be a matter of time before both Russia and China join the fray — either directly or indirectly — to prevent a U.S.-backed regime-change effort from succeeding.”

No. There is nothing to indicate that Russia or China will do anything to save Venezuela.

When fifteen Russian personnel were murdered in Syria on 17 Sep 2018, Russia apologized for the “misunderstanding.” When the U.S. finishes its regime change operation in Venezuela, Russia will again apologize for the “misunderstanding.” If the USA nuked Russia, the Russians would apologize for the “misunderstanding.”

As for the Chinese, they meekly submitted when the USA shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (8 March 2014), murdering 153 Chinese nationals.

Meanwhile the American peasantry has been programmed to think that Venezuela’s economic problems have been caused by “socialism,” not by Western sanctions, blockades, and embargoes. And the collusion of Venezuelan oligarchs is irrelevant. Right?

Hey, Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Venezuela's socialism has been a disaster. What say you? (Fox News)

Venezuela is a socialist catastrophe (New York Times)

That weird silence from Democrats over Venezuela’s massive rejection of socialism.

(American Thinker)