Friday, January 25, 2019

Mark J. Valencia — Consequences Of The US-China Contest For Asia – Analysis

In the past, Asian countries were often prioritized by US analysts and policy makers as to their degree of pro American-ness. But now they are increasingly being assessed as to the kind and degree of accommodation to China. The US cannot match China’s economic prowess and largesse and seems to hope that its political, social and economic systems and –more importantly– its values will be sufficient to keep much of Asia in its camp. But this is increasingly proving to be a false hope. So the U.S. is falling back on its tried and true advantage—dominant military power and the threat of its use. But even in this sphere China is making rapid advances and the looming specter of its eventual domination of the region is progressively stimulating hedging and even forcing some Asian countries to consider choosing between the two.…
And this is only going to increase. Sounds like a Thucydides trap to me.

Worse for the US, not only has Russia been driven into a de facto alliance with China but the US has failed so far to draw India into its camp. See below.

For a country that can't beat the Taliban.…

Eurasian Review
Consequences Of The US-China Contest For Asia – Analysis
Mark J. Valencia

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