Monday, January 28, 2019

Jimmy Dore - "U.S. Plot In Venezuela FAILING" Says Caracas Reporter

Russia was said to have spent $4,700 on adds on Google to get people to vote for Trump,  so why didn't the U.S. do something like that in Venezuela instead of all this hassle, pantomime, and baloney?

81% of Venezuelans have never heard of Juan Guaido, so it's a weird sort of democracy. This makes the Russians look professional, especially if they can do it do it for under $5,000 and with no one being able to find any evidence of it. Cool! 

Yesterday Venezuelans went about their business - like
shopping - as usual, without any fuss. 

Venezuela Propaganda Debunked - People Are Against Coup

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Konrad said...

Corporate media outlets claim that Venezuela’s police and military forces are abandoning Maduro in droves. Nonsense of course. If it were true, the coup would have happened by now.

Today Bolton announced that the USA had seized $7 billion in assets owned by Venezuela’s state oil company. Also no U.S. persons or companies may conduct business with Venezuela's state-owned oil company except persons or companies secretly approved by the CIA.

ABC News says this will prevent Maduro’s government from paying the police and military forces, which is more nonsense, since they are paid in bolivares, which Venezuela creates out of thin air.

Jimmy Dore notes that Trump is supposedly a “Russian agent,” yet Russia opposes Trump’s aggression toward Venezuela. (Not that Trump is calling the shots.)

Jimmy Dore’s guest notes that it is silly for the US to try and do this while Trump is president, since Trump is not popular with the Latin American masses.

If the coup doesn’t happen now, the US may have to wait until 2020 when Kamala Harris (the black Hillary) is president.