Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Shocking! Netanyahu Breaks His Silence Over Venezuela - Hugo Chavez was RIGHT - CONFIRMED!!!!

Good vs evil!

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Konrad said...

Anyone who does not grovel to Israeli evil must be eliminated. Any national leader who puts people before corporate profits is “anti-Semitic” and must go. Chavez and Gaddafi were eliminated. Assad and Maduro must go.

Hugo Chavez condemned the Israeli bombardment and invasion of Lebanon in 2006. Two years later Chavez broke all relations with Israel when the Israelis spent a month bombarding the Gaza Death Camp. In 2006 Chavez visited Syria. In 2010 Assad visited Venezuela. The Israeli parasite was furious. So was its American host.

Cuba, North Korea and twenty eight other countries have no relations with Israel. All thirty are “evil.”

Algeria, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Pakistan do not allow their citizens to visit Israel.

Incidentally I watched a one minute video in which conservative commentator (and Jewish supremacist) Ben Shapiro condemned political correctness and the “victim culture.”

This was amusing, since Jews have always been the world’s biggest “victims,” and are eternally hunting for “anti-Semites.”