Sunday, January 13, 2019

"First, they ignore you..."

Pop quiz. Pick out what is correct and incorrect in the following criticism of MMT.

Now that MMT is a hot topic, MMT proponents should have their elevator speech ready and easy to understand rebuttals of common objections, which, by the way, are getting more sophisticated now that critics realize the fear mongering using slogans like "Zimbabwe" and "Venezuela" are not doing the job. Or at least many seem to be upping their game.

Have at it.

American Enterprise Institute - Economic Perspectives
Modern Monetary Theory and Policy
Stan Veuger

Seeking Alpha
You Can't Debunk MMT
Cullen Roche

Ocasio-Cortez Could Land Banking Post, How Will Stock Market Respond?
Melanie Kramaer

National Review
The Uses and Abuses of Modern Monetary Theory
Karl Smith

The Washington Post
The Uses and Abuses of Modern Monetary Theory
Megan McArdle

Business Insider
Wall Street should love the economic theory Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backs — and that should worry the rest of us.
Linette Lopez

New Yorker — Intelligencer
Modern Monetary Theory Doesn't Make Single-Payer Health Care Any Easier
Tim Worstall

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