Monday, January 7, 2019

Graham Phillips - ⚡ Georgian War, 2008: What Really Happened, versus Western Propaganda

A good documentary by Graham Phillips showing the truth about the war in Georgia which has footage never seen before in West. Graham says he is only funded by people who pay him through croudfunding and that he has no ties to Russia. He is just angry at the Western propaganda and its support for war. What a great guy!

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Konrad said...

In 2003 Mikheil Saakashvili became Georgia's President via the US-sponsored "Rose Revolution."

In Aug 2008 Saakashvili launched an attack on South Ossetia, but his forces were crushed by Russia in five days. John McCain had promised US military assistance to Saakashvili, but the assistance never came. (However Israel sent combat "advisors" to aid Saakashvili.)

In 2013 Mr. Saakashvili moved to Ukraine, became a Ukrainian citizen, and supported the US-sponsored coup in Feb 2014 while he was governor of Ukraine's Odessa Oblast. Later he ran afoul of Petro Poroshenko, who stripped Saakashvili of his citizenship and deported him to Poland. Saakashvili now lives in Holland.

In October 2018 the Georgan government accused Saakashvili of having masterminded the assassination of Badri Patarkatsishvili (Georgia's richest person) in early 2008.

Nobody loves him.