Thursday, January 17, 2019

Links — 17 Jan 2019

Asia Times
Talk of Western intervention in the Black Sea is pure fantasy
Pepe Escobar

The Hill
DOJ Official Warned Steele Dossier Biased, Connected To Clinton

Fort Russ News
RUSSIA RISING: Russia On Course to be Top 5 Economy by 2020 DESPITE Sanctions
Paul Antonopoulos

Middle East Monitor
US to purchase 2 Israel Iron Dome systems

Geopolitics Alert
Washington Moves Towards ‘Regime Change’ in Venezuela
Jorge Martin

Venezuela: Trump Considers ‘Recognizing’ Opposition Leader as President, Government Denounces ‘Coup Attempt’

US will 'quit all treaties' & 'make militarization of space inevitable' with new Trump doctrine

‘Political censorship’: Sputnik slams Facebook as it removes 350+ pages for ‘inauthentic behavior’

Frenchman jailed for 6 months for attempting organize Yellow Vest protest

Simonyan Urges Facebook to Explain Crusade Against Sputnik on Social Media

US Bill Criminalizes Trade with China’s ‘World Leader’ in 5G, Huawei

Trump 'Inclined' to Slap EU With Fresh Tariffs to Get Brussels to Talk – Senator

Nuns return to ancient Orthodox monastery in Syria’s Maaloula

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Noah Way said...

US to purchase 2 Israel Iron Dome systems

But but but what about the absolutely fabulous (for profits) and 100% successful PATRIOT?