Monday, January 7, 2019

Moon of Obama - Fake News Reports Blamed Cuba, Russia And China Of 'Sonic Attack' On U.S. Diplomats - The Culprits Were Crickets

In 2016 U.S, personnel thought that the Cubans were using sonic weapons on them, but it turned out to be just crickets. 

In the autumn of 2016 U.S. diplomats stationed in Cuba started to complain about being affected by some mysterious noise. Twenty four embassy staff and family claimed a bizarre list of symptoms - from headaches, dizziness and sleeping difficulties to problems with balance, vision and hearing. Doctors were not sure what affected these people. There were all kinds of speculations about a mysterious 'sonic weapons' with which the diplomats were 'attacked', but no convincing evidence was found.

The Havana incident was probably based on some innocent fear of some weapon. Or it may have been a ploy by anti-Cuban forces to sabotage the recovering relations with Cuba. Most likely though the whole issue was a mass psychosis over an unfamiliar natural noise - crickets.

The AP wire story ran on many news sites but only few looked further into it. The report should have closed the issue, but it was soon forgotten.

Even after the Cuban scientist delivered their very plausible explanation, U.S. government fear mongering over the 'sonic attack' did not die down. Only the target changed.

In May 2018 the U.S. suddenly accused China of a similar 'attack' as the ones that allegedly happened in Cuba:


Konrad said...

The “sonic attacks” hoax was like the “Assad gassing” hoax, plus the Skripal hoax, and all the other hoaxes. In all these we never see interviews of the supposed “victims.”

The Cuban hoax did not involve crickets or cicadas. As Moon of Alabama says, it was “a ploy by anti-Cuban forces to sabotage the recovering relations with Cuba.”

Blockaded nations like Cuba need foreign currency, which they get in part by tourism. Anti-Cuban forces fabricated the “sonic attack” hoax to attack Cuba’s tourist industry, which sets new records every year. Tourism is exploding because Cuba has not been trashed by neoliberal greed, unlike most other places in the Caribbean area.

These same forces in the US government were angry that tourism also set new records each year in North Korea. Over 20% of foreign tourists were from the USA. When the US government failed to concoct a plausible hoax, the government simply made it illegal for American tourists to visit North Korea, starting in Sep. 2017.

Back in March 1977 Time magazine fabricated a hoax in which Idi Amin of Uganda enjoyed chopping off the heads of children, storing them in huge freezers, and lecturing the heads every day. US media outlets vilified Amin because he would not bow to the IMF or to Israel. In 1979 the USA launched a proxy war against Amin and deposed him in a coup. Then the USA brought in Israelis to run Uganda’s government. To this day, 40 years later, almost everyone believes the lies about Idi Amin (who died in 2003).

The “Kony 2012” hoax and “Invisible Children” hoax didn’t do as well, since by that time, people had the Internet, and could do some fact-checking.

Marian Ruccius said...

Nuff said